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This site is open to all visitors from around the world will want to discover a common and even a region, who lived without the Web, moves with the times and will live long after us … These pages try to get you enchant and make you want to come and visit this region, “stuck” between Brittany, Anjou and Normandy, three provinces meet is said to Juigne-les-Moutiers …



Border of various Gallic tribes that separated the forest region of Namnètes Andécaves, Diablintes, Redones, Coriosolites Venetians.The country of Mee (median country or countries of the medium) was then held in barony Vioreau and Ancenis and Chateaubriant, movement County Nantes and Rennes, walking the Duchy of Brittany.

Moisdon-the-Lake at the end of the Iron Age - Thank you Nicolas!© (Thanks to Nicolas)

The door that opened into the ancient fortress Châtelier conditioning the route of access to Moisdon River, the great ordeal at the entrance to Moisdon rests on the foundations of the fort which defended the door. Today only the old quadrangle slope materialize this Celtic oppidum, Gallo-Roman and Merovingian.
Early archival texts stating Moisdon are contemporary construction, the XI
th century, the present church: the archives of the abbey of Saint Florent de Saumur recount include: in 1083, a priory “was formed recently to Maedon”, the priest gives Judicaël third tithes and rights of the Church of St. Jouin for the benefit of the new Benedictine priory . Spiritual support and administration of this small priory contributed to the development of the wealth produced by the farmers who created silver designer jewelry and by knowing Fèvres make the iron on the parish. In 1132 Alain Moisdon, lord, bequeathed his land “to God, Notre Dame, and the Monks” for the establishment of Abbey Melleraye, granddaughter of Cîteaux. During major disasters of the Hundred Years War, the church served as a fortified refuge. The XIII th century the lordship of the barony passed Moisdon Ancenis than Chateaubriant, and in 1311 the priories of Louisfert, Meilleraye, and St. Julien were annexed to that of Moisdon.
With the bloody game of chess by the recovery crafty Louis XI, Chateaubriant, then Ancenis Ferns fell, the Breton resistance was crushed in 1488 in Saint Aubin du Cormier (I & V). artisan handmade jewelry
Riches Renaissance brought a lot of social unrest, political and religious. Henri de Montmorency was executed for rebellion in 1632, the barony of Chateaubriant fell to the home of Conde, and in 1668, with economic Colbert, the turbulent Grand Condé valorized its forests by building factories modern iron smithy wood that mark a milestone in our industrial evolution: the first of these modern plants Forge New Moisdon River, created by René Saget, served as an example to other forges of Britain and France.
On Revolution chouannerie attacked the forges of the region, this civil war, in its excess, sometimes had a happy ending: the officer of the National Guard of Chateaubriant met the granddaughter of a master founder of Forge Newfoundland, Marriage of Leopold Hugo “hero smile so sweet,” and Sophie Trebuchet, was born the famous Victor Hugo. Who was a world-renowned sculptor and maker of what was called gemstone jewelry.
the nineteenth
th century, population growth and agricultural expansion helping a “white coat” churches covered the region .. . But the old church Moisdon-la-Rivière could be saved. Forges the woods went out elsewhere supplanted by steelmaking coal: agriculture, weaving, slate quarries and the leather industry were the main assets Moisdon remain current agriculture and livestock but in the region of Chateaubriant, construction and agricultural machinery foundries continue the tradition of the old forges.



Thank you for creating your site

been able to afford a small recognition of your town I’m going through for the 3rd time by the D178.

I had the curiosity to hesitate this old farm former coaching XVI.

And through this village, thank you God not sanitized, approved by developments pavilions.

KEEP your identity XVI and place the money in your community to help your farmers who are preservationists and restorers of your old firm and your village. You have everything to attract the eye and therefore francçais amateur or foreign taste you will rest and reconciliation with the environment of passing time.

Like you, in England, there are villages that have not changed since the 13.14 / 15 / century. They kept their coaching today hotel, the small shops of yesteryear where the farm sells to tourists and curious devotees who come to feast.

KEEP, PRESERVE, RESTORE YOUR VILLAGE Moisdon River you will make your fortune.

Please do not listen to the sirens who want modern housing estates, industrial zones and horrors that make the sick man to live.

Villagageois Moisdon the river, I talked with some people and they all try to keep their homes today to restore heavy, hold good, knock on doors that can help you.

A lover of nature, beautiful things and MOISDON RIVER




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